Creating Depth in Visio Shapes (Part 2)

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Showing depth and transparancey in VisioThis is the second in a series of articles about techniques for creating realistic depth in Visio shapes. Part 1 discussed how to create a metallic panel with edges that curve back and away from the plane of view. In this part we will show you how to insert a “window” into that same panel by using Visio operations called Subtract and Fragment. Then we’ll make it transparent like a real …Continue reading

Creating Depth in Visio Shapes (Part 1)

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Showing depth and transparancey in Visio

Visio is a 2D drawing program and creating the illusion of depth can really help your graphics pop out and make them look more realistic. Of course, Visio provides some basic features such as shadows but if you want to make objects appear as if they have real depth, we have some simple techniques to help you do that. Visimation uses these and other methods to create the photo-accurate equipment …Continue reading

Tripp Lite Uses Visio Graphics for Publications

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Tripp Lite Visio shape of a cooling unitThe best way to extend the value of any asset is to use it and re-use if for multiple purposes. This goes for Visio shapes just as well as any other type of content such as images, text articles, etc.

We produce Visio shapes for Tripp-Lite, a leading manufacturer of products that power, connect and protect computers and other electronics. While Visio is a 2-dimensional drawing program, it is …Continue reading

Free Visio People Stencil

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Visio shape created from MS Office clipartIn our previous post we discussed how to embellish your Visio drawings with clipart… you’re not restricted to the stencils that Visio provides. We’ve created a FREE Visio People stencil that you can download from by clicking on the image below. You’ll be asked to open an account so that we can manage your download but don’t worry… we won’t share your information with any other parties.

As explained in our previous article, you can access free …Continue reading

Highlight Your Visio Diagrams with Clipart

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Sample from the free People stencilAt Visimation we often receive requests to produce compelling diagrams for work or information flows. Of course we could simply use the stencils included with Visio, but we can do much better by adding other eye-catching graphics to provide more information in an attractive way.

So today we’re going to discuss how to spruce up your Visio diagrams with various kinds of graphics that are easily obtainable. We’ve also created …Continue reading