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Xbox 360 Visio ShapesWe’ve created a Microsoft Xbox 360 shape that you can download free from  It’s a useful demonstration of the quality and features of Visio network equipment shapes produced by Visimation.  There are 4 master shapes on the stencil:  Front, Rear, Perspective, and All.  The All shape provides a right click menu for toggling between the 3 views.  We did this to show a couple of options… separate master shapes for each view or one master containing all views.

The right click menu provides several additional features for text labels, custom properties (shape data), and our ShapeLink™ feature that hyperlinks to online technical information. The images in these shapes are enhanced metafiles derived from the native Visio geometry that we used to draw the shapes. We discussed the reason for doing this in a previous article about metafiles in Visio.

Note that, as in all of our equipment shapes, the ports have connection points to make it easyto attach lines representing wires.

There are many more free Visio equipment shapes at

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