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Visio shape created from MS Office clipartIn our previous post we discussed how to embellish your Visio drawings with clipart… you’re not restricted to the stencils that Visio provides.  We’ve created a FREE Visio People stencil that you can download from by clicking on the image below.  You’ll be asked to open an account so that we can manage your download but don’t worry… we won’t share your information with any other parties.

As explained in our previous article, you can access free clipart via the Microsoft Office Online clipart libraries.  We’ve simple made it easier for Visio users to insert people icons into their drawings to clarify information and make the graphics more compelling.

As time goes on we’ll make more of these types of stencils available for free download.  We may also produce similar vector images at a modest charge to cover the cost of drawing entirely new graphics based on clipart bitmap images.  The advantage of vector images is that they remain sharp at any zoom or resize level.

Visio People stencil

Click on the image to go to the product page for FREE download

This stencil was created using the simple techniques described in Highlight Your Visio Diagrams with Clipart.  It contains bitmap images, not vector art, so you will see some distortion if you enlarge them.  However, they are a good size for many types of informational illustrations that can create with Visio. 

Check periodically since we will continue to add free stencils from clipart

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