Tripp Lite Uses Visio Graphics for Publications

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Tripp Lite Visio shape of a cooling unitThe best way to extend the value of any asset is to use it and re-use if for multiple purposes.  This goes for Visio shapes just as well as any other type of content such as images, text articles, etc.

We produce Visio shapes for Tripp-Lite, a leading manufacturer of products that power, connect and protect computers and other electronics.  While Visio is a 2-dimensional drawing program, it is possible to create shapes that simulate 3D such as isometric views.  We covered this in a previous article, Simulating 3D with isometric Visio shapes

Visio equipmen shapes are primarily used for technical drawings used in sales proposals, designs, and installation drawings.  However, Tripp-Lite has produced an Integrated Solutions Brochure that uses photos, 3D models, and the Visio isometric shapes to illustrate and clarify how its products fit together in a data center.  This is a perfect example of how a company can get additional value from its investment in Visio graphics. 

Tripp Lite Visio illustration

If you are skeptical about Visio’s illustration capabilities, these images clearly show that you don’t need complex and expensive high end imaging software to produce technical illustrations.  Furthermore, it’s much easier in Visio to create the lines and text in the above diagram than it is with programs like Adobe Illustrator.  Sure, you can do a lot more with Illustrator but Visio requires much less training.

Tripp-Lite’s current stock of Visio stencils includes shapes with high quality photo accurate graphics for most of its main product lines:

  • KVM Switches
  • Power Distribution Units (PDU) Single Phase and 3-Phase
  • Power Strips and Surge Suppressors
  • Smart Rack Enclosures and Racks
  • Uninterupted Power Supplies (UPS) Single and 3-Phase

You can download them for free from ShapeSource or Tripp Lite.

Another great use of Visio graphics is in PowerPoint prestentations.  ShapeSource offers most of our Visio graphics in an alternative format, as enhanced metafile vector art delivered in an indexed PowerPoint file.

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