5 things you may not know about MapShapes

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Our MapShapes have been very popular since we introduced them in 2008. Now that we’ve posted two articles on how to use Visimation MapShapes to create maps and visualize data, I just want to summarize by responding to 5 most frequently asked questions we’ve received about MapShapes. I hope this information helps you to determine if MapShapes will be valuable to you in your work:

What versions of MapShapes are available and what versions of Visio are supported?

US_China_thumbWe currently offer MapShapes …Continue reading

Visimation MapShapes illustrate data in Visio 2007

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USCensus2010_dataWhile it’s useful just to view geographic maps in Visio, the information becomes even more valuable when linked to data in Visio 2007. We’ll show you how to do this using Visimation MapShapes and you can use similar techniques to link data with any Visio 2007 diagram.

First, where do you find good data? Businesses that collect data about their operations or customers can link those data to Visio if they are stored in a structured data file like Excel, Access, SQL Server, …Continue reading

Creating maps in Visio more effectively with MapShapes

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Map of United States grouped by US Census Region Map of United States grouped by US Census Region

ShapeSource (www.ShapeSource.com) attracts thousands of visitors looking for Visio shapes and add-ons. What would you think is the most popular download? What type of shapes are requested most? The product downloaded most often is our free US Map stencil and we receive more requests for Visio map shapes than any other type of shape with the exception of network …Continue reading