Tips About Visio Connection Points

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Connecting Visio shapesOne of Visio’s most helpful features is the ability to snap and glue objects together with Connection Points. These are the little blue “x” symbols that you can see on many pre-made Visio shapes that come with the product or from other sources such as Here we’ll discuss how to insert additional connection points in Visio shapes that you have downloaded or created yourself. While the basic operation is quite simple, we’ll explain what to watch out for so that …Continue reading

Why are my Visio files so large?

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This Document Stencil contains over 100 unused master... the only one used is at the lower right

Something we’ve heard often over the years from various clients, customers, and users is, “There’s not much in my drawing… why is the file so big?” Of course, there can be several reasons for this but one of the most common is the concept of “unused master shapes.” Huh? I’m glad you asked.

The icons on a Visio stencil represent what’s formally known as …Continue reading